Annual Meeting 2023

2023 Idaho NSF EPSCoR Annual Meeting

All times are Pacific Time (PT)

September 12, 2023 (Tuesday)

12:00 PM
(Pacific Time)
Welcome and Meeting Overview
Andy Kliskey
12:10 PM Invited Plenary Speaker
Margaret McFall-Ngai. Senior Staff Scientist. Carnegie Science. Biosphere Sciences and Engineering. A Field in Revolution: The impact of discovering the invisible force of the Earth's microbiomes.
1:00 PM

Overview of key GEM3 accomplishments (Moderator: Andy Kliskey)

  • Sven Buerki. Sagebrush synthesis: celebrating success, teamwork, and integration.
  • Chris Caudill. Toward empirical assessment of adaptive capacity in aquatic populations across scales: from genomes to landscapes in native rainbow trout populations in Idaho
  • Morey Burnham. Social Ecological Systems science synthesis.
  • Sarah Penney-Jackson. Highlighting GEM3's education, workforce development and diversity initiatives

2:00 PM

BREAK (15 min)

2:15 PM

Highlights of recent collaborative and integrative topics
(Moderator: Rick Schumaker)

  • Haley Netherton-Morrison. Highlighting student perspectives and research at the 2023 Ecological Society of America conference.
  • Morgan Calahan and Mosope Abanikannda. GEM3-sponsored training opportunities: insights from the Smithsonian Conservation Genomics Bioinformatics Workshop.
  • Peter Olsoy. High-resolution thermal imagery reveals how interactions between crown structure and genetics shape plant temperature.
3:00 PM

Highlights from GEM3 Seed awards and next directions
(Moderator: Paul Hohenlohe)

  • Josh Griffin and Ben Pearson. Developing wireless tags using laser-induced graphene for sagebrush VOC detection.
  • Josh Grinath. Relating sagebrush genome size to resource co-limitation and competition.
  • Dan Cronan. Tackling uncertainty: Coupling Stakeholder and Biophysical Scenarios under a multifaceted research program.
  • Li Huang. Stakeholder-driven scenarios of land system changes and their impacts on ecosystem services.
  • Allison Simler-Williamson. Building Research Capacity in Biology
4:00 PM

Closing remarks and Adjourn
Andy Kliskey

September 13, 2023 (Wednesday)

12:00 PM
(Pacific Time)
Welcome and Overview
Andy Kliskey
12:10 PM

Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Lightning Talks (Moderator: Peggy Martinez)

  • John Clare. Using aerial imagery to map and monitor range land plant abundance while accounting for observation error
  • Spencer Roop. Big Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) Ecophysiology: from native habitats to common gardens and beyond.
  • Josh Egan. Genomic time-series data reveal signatures of selection in wild redband trout populations.
  • Ryan Wickersham. Drone-based predictions of big sagebrush demographic performance across an elevation gradient.
1:00 PM

Faculty Lightning Talks – GEM3 legacy, research, education, and broadening participation capacity (Moderator: Kitty Griswold)

  • Carolyn Dadabay. Building research capacity at a PUI: EPSCoR investments and opportunities.
  • Shanny Spang Gion and Laticia Herkshan. Tribal Scholars: vision for the future.
  • Liz Redd. (Re)cultivating and (Re)newing Reciprocal Research--supporting native nations-university collaborative research ethics and practice.
  • Leonora Bittleston. Investigating the sagebrush leaf microbiome.

2:00 PM

BREAK (15 min)

2:15 PM

Highlights from GEM3 Workforce Development and Education (Moderator: Sarah Penney-Jackson)

  • Devaleena Pradhan. Gene regulatory networks in a sexually plastic fish
  • Chris Caudill. Aquatic Molecular Ecology (AquaMolE) as a Vertically Integrated Project
  • Catherine Isaak. An overview of BSU's Lab & Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (LURE/CURE).
3:00 PM

Lasting resources for continued collaboration (Moderator: Colden Baxter)

  • Andrew Child. Preserving the past, enabling the future: expanding data archives for lasting research progress.
  • Donna Llewellyn. ASSERT: Aligning Stakeholders and Structures to Enable Research Transformation (recorded).
  • Sarah Penney-Jackson. Exploring opportunities within NSF's Growing Research Access for Nationally Transformative Equity and Diversity (GRANTED) program.
3:30 PM

Approaching and crossing the finish line: GEM3 and new directions (Moderator: Rick Schumaker)

  • Rick Schumaker. No-cost extension and final GEM3 annual reporting.
  • Kitty Griswold. Idaho's next NSF EPSCoR RII Track-1 award overview: Idaho Community-engaged Resilience for Energy Water Systems (I-CREWS).
  • Andy Kliskey. NSF EPSCoR national directions; concluding remarks.
4:00 PM Adjourn