Image Publication Title Journal Year published GEM3 author(s)
elevated stream temperature Elevated stream temperature, origin, and individual size influence Chinook salmon prespawn mortality across the Columbia River Basin Fisheries Research 2021 Christopher Caudill
sympatric Sympatric pairings of dryland grass populations, mycorrhizal fungi and associated soil biota enhance mutualism and ameliorate drought stress Journal of Ecology 2020 Matt Williamson
native grass Using native grass seeding and targeted spring grazing to reduce low-level Bromus tectorum invasion on the Colorado Plateau Biological Invasions 2021 Matt Williamson
Sustainability, resilience, adaptation, and transformation: tensions and plural approaches Ecology and Society 2020 Morey Burnham
simulated fire Simulated Indigenous fire stewardship increases the population growth rate of an understorey herb Journal of Ecology 2020 Georgia Hart Fredeluces
science with society Science with society: Evidence-based guidance for best practices in environmental transdisciplinary work Global Environmental Changes 2021 Kelly Hopping
multiple lines Multiple lines of evidence reveal complex rainbow trout responses to stream habitat enhancements Freshwater Biology 2020 Colden Baxter
morphological Morphological and genetic concordance of cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii) diversification from western North America Canadian Journal of Zoology 2021 Ernest Keeley, Janet Loxterman
systematic review A systematic review of participatory scenario planning to envision mountain social-ecological systems futures Ecology and Society 2020 Kelly Hopping
wireworm Wireworm (Coleoptera: Elateridae) genomic analysis reveals putative cryptic species, population structure, and adaptation to pest control Communications Biology 2020 Kimberly Andrews, Paul Hohenlohe, Samuel Hunter
whole genome Whole genome resequencing reveals genomic regions associated with thermal adaptation in redband trout Molecular Ecology 2020 Zhongqi Chen, Shawn Narum
weather affects Weather affects post-fire recovery of sagebrush-steppe communities and model transferability among sites Ecosphere 2021 Cara Applestein, Trevor Caughlin, Matthew Germino
unifying community Unifying community detection across scales from genomes to landscapes Oikos 2021 Andrii Zaiats, Anna Roser, Cristina Barber Alvarez Buylla, Brecken Robb, Britt Pendleton, Jonas Frankel Bricker, Jennifer Forbey, Trevor Caughlin
thinking big Thinking Big and Thinking Small: A Conceptual Framework for Best Practices in Community and Stakeholder Engagement in Food, Energy, and Water Systems Sustainabliity 2021 Andrew Kliskey, David Griffith
transforming sustainability Transforming sustainability science for practice: a social–ecological systems framework for training sustainability professionals Sustainability Science 2021 Andrew Kliskey, David Griffith, Sarah Dengler
predicting fine scale Predicting fine-scale forage distribution to inform ungulate nutrition Ecological Informatics 2020 Travis McCarley, Jocelyn Aycrigg, Tracey Johnson
tree canopy Modeling tree canopy height using machine learning over mixed vegetation landscapes International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 2021 Hui Wang, Travis Seaborn, Christopher Caudill
intra-specific Intra-specific variation in migration phenology of American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) in response to spring temperatures IBIS 2021 Juan Requena Mullor, Julie Heath
integrating genomics Integrating genomics in population models to forecast translocation success Restoration Ecology 2021 Travis Seaborn, Kimberly Andrews, Cara Applestein, Tyler Breech, Molly Garrett, Andrii Zaiats, Trevor Caughlin
Genomics of natural history collections for understanding evolution in the wild Molecular Ecology Resources 2020 Kathryn Turner