Image Publication Title Journal Year published GEM3 author(s)
Figure 2 Global Composition of the Bacteriophage Community in Honey Bees American Society for Microbiology 2022 James VanLeuven
fig 1 Centralized project-specific metadata platforms: toolkit provides new perspectives on open data management within multi-institution and multidisciplinary research projects BMC Research Notes 2022 Andrew Child, Luke Sheneman, Sven Buerki
Figure 2 Interannual variation in climate contributes to contingency in post-fire restoration outcomes in seeded sagebrush steppe Conservation Science and Practice 2022 Allison Simler Williamson, Cara Applestein, Matthew Germino
Fig 2 Food quality, security, and thermal refuge influence the use of microsites and patches by pygmy rabbits (Brachylagus idahoensis) across landscapes and seasons Ecology and Evolution 2022 Peter Olsoy, Jennifer Forbey, Janet Rachlow Witham
Figure 1 Bittleston Characterization and Comparison of Convergence Among Cephalotus follicularis Pitcher Plant-Associated Communities With Those of Nepenthes and Sarracenia Found Worldwide Frontiers in Plant Science 2022 Leonora Bittleston, Jessica Bernardin
Figure 1 A haploid pseudo-chromosome genome assembly for a keystone sagebrush species of western North American rangelands G3 Genes|Genomes|Genetics 2022 Anthony Melton, Andrew Child, Carlos Dave Dumaguit, Jennifer Forbey, Matthew Germino, Marie Anne deGraaff, Andrew Kliskey, Peggy Martinez, Stephen Novak, Bryce Richardson, Sven Buerki
Figure 1 Statistical considerations of nonrandom treatment applications reveal region-wide benefits of widespread post-fire restoration action Nature Communications 2022 Allison Simler Williamson, Matthew Germino
Figure 6 Quantifying the Foodscape for Stream-Dwelling Cutthroat Trout Reveals Spatial and Temporal Ranges of Resource Exploitation and Energy Intake Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 2022 Ernest Keeley
Figure 1 The role of genome duplication in big sagebrush growth and fecundity American Journal of Botany 2021 Bryce Richardson, Matthew Germino, Sven Buerki
native grass Using native grass seeding and targeted spring grazing to reduce low-level Bromus tectorum invasion on the Colorado Plateau Biological Invasions 2021 Matt Williamson
Figure 1 Using an Ultraviolet Light Test to Improve Sagebrush Identification and Predict Forage Quality for Wildlife BioOne 2021 Brecken Robb, Jennifer Forbey
morphological Morphological and genetic concordance of cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii) diversification from western North America Canadian Journal of Zoology 2021 Ernest Keeley, Janet Loxterman
Figure 2 Intraspecific variation mediates density dependence in a genetically diverse plant species Ecology 2021 Andrii Zaiats, Matthew Germino, Bryce Richardson, Trevor Caughlin
Figure 2 A draft genome provides hypotheses on drought tolerance in a keystone plant species in Western North America threatened by climate change Ecology and Evolution 2021 Anthony Melton, Stephanie Galla, Bryce Richardson, Stephen Novak, Sven Buerki
figure 1 Influence of environmental conditions at spawning sites and migration routes on adaptive variation and population connectivity in Chinook salmon Ecology and Evolution 2021 Lisette Waits, Shawn Narum, Travis Seaborn
weather affects Weather affects post-fire recovery of sagebrush-steppe communities and model transferability among sites Ecosphere 2021 Cara Applestein, Trevor Caughlin, Matthew Germino
Figure 1 Applying genomics in assisted migration under climate change: Framework, empirical applications, and case studies Evolutionary Applications 2021 Zhongqi Chen, Lukas Grossfurthner, Janet Loxterman, Jonathan Masingale, Bryce Richardson, Travis Seaborn, Brandy Smith, Lisette Waits, Shawn Narum
elevated stream temperature Elevated stream temperature, origin, and individual size influence Chinook salmon prespawn mortality across the Columbia River Basin Fisheries Research 2021 Christopher Caudill
genomic analyses Genomic Analyses of Phenotypic Differences Between Native and Invasive Populations of Diffuse Knapweed (Centaurea diffusa) Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2021 Kathryn Turner
Flowchart showing progression of a G2PmineR analysis G2PMineR: A Genome to Phenome Literature Review Approach Genes 2021 Michael Wojahn, Stephanie Galla, Anthony Melton, Sven Buerki