Image Publication Title Journal Year published GEM3 author(s)
Figure 2 from Applications in Plant Science manuscript Acclimation and hardening of a slow-growing woody species emblematic to western North America from in vitro plantlets Applications in Plant Sciences 2023 Peggy Martinez, Rachael Barron, Sven Buerki
Figure 2  from Articles in Advance manuscript depicting the Boundary of the Smith Creek Wildlife Management Area Using decision analysis to determine the feasibility of a conservation translocation Articles in Advance 2023 Travis Seaborn
Figure 1 from Current Landscape Ecology Reports manuscript Individual-Based Models for Incorporating Landscape Processes in the Conservation and Management of Aquatic Systems Current Landscape Ecology Reports 2023 Travis Seaborn, Stephanie Galla, Elizabeth Jossie
Using social-ecological models to explore stream connectivity outcomes for stakeholders and Yellowstone cutthroat trout Ecological Applications 2023 Elizabeth Jossie, Travis Seaborn, Colden Baxter, Morey Burnham
Figure 4 from Ecological Solutions and Evidence manuscript depicting Puncturevine abundance Socio‐ecological interactions promote outbreaks of a harmful invasive plant in an urban landscape Ecological Solutions and Evidence 2023 Trevor Caughlin, Andrii Zaiats, Cody Hall, Kelly Hopping
Figure 2 from Frontiers in Environmental Science manuscript Building trust, building futures: Knowledge co-production as relationship, design, and process in transdisciplinary science Frontiers in Environmental Science 2023 Andrew Kliskey, Daniel Cronan, David Griffith
Figure 4 from Frontiers in Plant Science manuscript Population structure and hybridization under contemporary and future climates in a heteroploid foundational shrub species (Artemisia tridentata) Frontiers in Plant Science 2023 Lukas Grossfurthner, Paul Hohenlohe, Lisette Waits, Bryce Richardson
Figure 8 from Journal of Ethnobiology manuscript depicting Germinating C. quamash seeds from Camas Prairie (A) and Grays Lake (B Strengthening relationships to traditional foodways: Adapting food practices through camas cultivation experiments on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation. Journal of Ethnobiology 2023 Sidney Fellows, Georgia Hart Fredeluces, Morey Burnham
Figure 4 from Molecular Ecology Resources manuscript Simulating plasticity as a framework for understanding habitat selection and its role in adaptive capacity and extinction risk through an expansion of CDMetaPOP Molecular Ecology Resources 2023 Travis Seaborn, Christopher Caudill
Figure 1 from Plant-Environment Interactions manuscript A genotype × environment experiment reveals contrasting response strategies to drought between populations of a keystone species (Artemisia tridentata; Asteraceae) Plant-Environment Interactions 2023 Anthony Melton, Peggy Martinez, Paige Ellestad, Walker Morales, Andrew Child, Bryce Richardson, Stephen Novak, Sven Buerki
Figure 2 network diagram from American Society for Microbiology manuscript Global Composition of the Bacteriophage Community in Honey Bees American Society for Microbiology 2022 James VanLeuven
Figure 1 from AoB PLANTS manuscript depicting Locations of fires (outlines) and trapping sites (dots) for dispersal study Post-fire sagebrush seed dispersal varies across sites and scales: implications for restoration seeding AoB PLANTS 2022 Cara Applestein, Trevor Caughlin, Matthew Germino
Figure 1 from BMC Research Notes manuscript Centralized project-specific metadata platforms: toolkit provides new perspectives on open data management within multi-institution and multidisciplinary research projects BMC Research Notes 2022 Andrew Child, Luke Sheneman, Sven Buerki
Figure 2 from Conservation Science and Practice manuscript Interannual variation in climate contributes to contingency in post-fire restoration outcomes in seeded sagebrush steppe Conservation Science and Practice 2022 Allison Simler Williamson, Cara Applestein, Matthew Germino
Figure 2 from Ecology & Society manuscript Indigenous caretaking of beargrass and the social and ecological consequences of adaptations to maintain beargrass weaving practices Ecology & Society 2022 Georgia Hart Fredeluces, Morey Burnham
Figure 2 from Ecology and Evolution manuscript Food quality, security, and thermal refuge influence the use of microsites and patches by pygmy rabbits (Brachylagus idahoensis) across landscapes and seasons Ecology and Evolution 2022 Peter Olsoy, Jennifer Forbey, Janet Rachlow Witham
Figure 3 from Ecology and Evolution manuscript Spatial models can improve the experimental design of field-based transplant gardens by preventing bias due to neighborhood crowding Ecology and Evolution 2022 Andrii Zaiats, Juan Requena Mullor, Matthew Germino, Jennifer Forbey, Bryce Richardson, Trevor Caughlin
Figure 4 from Ecosphere manuscript Drone imagery protocols to map vegetation are transferable between dryland sites across an elevational gradient Ecosphere 2022 Anna Roser, Juan Requena Mullor, Marie Anne deGraaff, Trevor Caughlin
Figure 4 from Environmental Microbiology manuscript Sarracenia pitcher plant-associated microbial communities differ primarily by host species across a longitudinal gradient Environmental Microbiology 2022 Jacob Heil, Leonora Bittleston
Figure 1 from Fire manuscript Modern Pyromes: Biogeographical Patterns of Fire Characteristics across the Contiguous United States fire 2022 Megan Cattau