Annual Meeting 2019

2019 Idaho NSF EPSCoR Annual Meeting


Boise, Idaho


December 1 (Sunday, Travel Day)

Travel (10:30am departure - bus transportation provided from Moscow)
6:45 PM Informal time to Network (Bar 365 near hotel lobby; dinner on your own)

December 2 (Monday)

7:45 AM Registration and Breakfast (provided for hotel guests and local Boise participants) - Juniper/Laurel
9:00 AM

Concurrent Working Group Meetings
    A. Project Advisory Board (PAB) meeting with GEM3 co-PIs - Emerald
    B. Trout Working Group: Linking Mechanisms and Mapping to Modeling - Clearwater           (2nd floor)
    C. Sagebrush Working Group: Linking Mechanisms and Mapping to Modeling -                     Delamar (2nd floor)
    D.  Social Ecological Systems Working Group - North Star (2nd floor)
          (WFD representatives attend SES, Trout, or Sagebrush Working Groups)

11:00 AM Networking - Juniper/Laurel
11:30 AM Welcome – Governor Brad Little - Juniper/Laurel
11:50 AM Opening Remarks - Laird Noh (Idaho EPSCoR Committee, Chair) - Juniper/Laurel
12:15 PM

Lunch (provided) - Juniper/Laurel
Introductory Remarks - Andy Kliskey (Idaho EPSCoR Project Director)
5-minute report out from AM Trout, Sagebrush, and SES Working Groups 

1:15 PM GEM3 Mission, Goals, Framework, and Progress - Various - Juniper/Laurel
2:30 PM Networking Break - Juniper/Laurel
2:45 PM Toolbox Dialog Initiative (TDI) Workshop toward Convergence Research - Juniper/Laurel followed at 3:00pm by:
     TDI Breakout Group A - Cinnabar (2nd floor)
     TDI Breakout Group B - Clearwater (2nd floor)
     TDI Breakout Group C - Delamar (2nd floor)
     TDI Breakout Group D - Aspen (1st floor)
     TDI Breakout Group E - Juniper/Laurel
3:00 PM Idaho EPSCoR Committee meeting concurrent with TDI (for Committee members) - North Star (2nd floor)
PAB-only working meeting (concurrent) - Emerald
4:45 PM Networking (no-host bar available) - Juniper/Laurel
5:15 PM Dinner (provided) - Juniper/Laurel
Invited Speaker – Dr. Camille Parmesan, NMA Chair in Public Understanding of Marine Science & Human Health, School of Biological & Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science & Engineering), University of Plymouth (5:45 start)
6:30 PM Adjourn
6:40 PM Student/Postdoc-only activity with PAB – Aspen
8:00 PM Poster setup (optional) - Aspen

December 3 (Tuesday)

7:00 AM Breakfast (provided for all including local Boise participants) - Juniper/Laurel
Poster setup - Aspen
8:00 AM Day 2 Welcome, TDI Workshop Outcomes (Andy Kliskey) - Juniper/Laurel
8:15 AM Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) session for all – VIP approach and clear paths to broadening participation - Juniper/Laurel
9:30 AM GEM3 Poster Session - Aspen
11:00 AM Idaho System to Attract and Retain Talent (START) program goals and update - Donna Llewellyn - Juniper/Laurel
11:30 AM Annual Reporting, GEM3 priorities and update - Ashley Bogar - Juniper/Laurel
11:45 AM Lunch (provided) - Juniper/Laurel
     GEM3 Seed Funding opportunities (start 12:15)
12:45 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions
    A. Diversity and Workforce Development Working Group - Delamar (2nd floor)
    B. Eco/Evo Workshop Outcomes: Integrative Research discussion topics

  • Links between ploidy/genomics size and epigenetics and environment          - Clearwater (2nd floor)
  • Common garden review and tough love releases – avoiding domestication    - Cinnabar (2nd floor)
  • Translocations/reintroductions – pre/post planning, genomics, phenotypic      plasticity, forecasting, choosing stocks, monitoring - North Star (2nd floor) 
  • Assisted migration – role of genomics and epigenetics, aquatic vs. terrestrial review: following with sagebrush and redband as case studies - Liberty (2nd floor)
  • Parallels with invasive species and translocations - Juniper/Laurel
1:30 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions – Integration across taxa 
    A. Diversity and Workforce Development (continued) - Delamar (2nd floor) 
    B. Modeling - across Sagebrush and Trout - Cinnabar (2nd floor)
    C. Mechanisms across Sagebrush and Trout - Clearwater (2nd floor)

2:30 PM Observations and Suggestions from PAB - Juniper/Laurel
3:00 PM Closing Remarks (Andy Kliskey) - Juniper/Laurel
3:15 PM Adjourn
3:30 PM Bus departs for Moscow (meal provided en route)
Project Advisory Board depart for GEM3 tour at Boise State University
5:30 PM Project Advisory Board dinner (PAB only)