In this lab, students will:

  • Be able to conduct searches on publicly available databases and interpret results (Pubchem and SwissADME).
  • Be able to compare and contrast chemical ADME properties in small groups to determine which chemical is more likely to have a biological effect in the consumer.
  • Formulate hypotheses to determine outcomes of chemical interactions within the body.
  • Conduct literature searches to support their formulated hypothesis.

This module has been used in BSU’s Molecular Ecology (BIOL 409) course.


  • Lab: Pharmokinetics ADME Lab
  • Presentation: ADME Lab Module
  • Spreadsheet: Zoology ADME Lab Module
  • Article: "North American Artemisia species from the subgenus Tridentatae (Sagebrush): A phytochemical, botanical and pharmacological review" by Christina E. Turi, Paul R. Shipley, Susan J. Murch


  • Please contact the project PI (Celin Younan) or the GEM3 PUI Liaison (Stephanie Sevigny) for assistance in deploying this module in your course.


Boise State University

Principal Investigator(s)
Celin Younan

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