Intake and absorption (proteins, tannins, coumarins and phenolics)

In this module, students will:

  • Understand the relevancy of toxin and nutrient absorbance to understand the physiology of animals.
  • Use scientific practices to quantify and compare toxin absorbance by animals.
  • Understand how the environment and animal morphology influences the physiological process of absorption.
  • Archive digital data on toxin absorbance by your animal for future iteration, collaboration and discovery.


Coumarins and Phenolics

  • Lab 4: Absorption
  • Lab 4 Supply List
  • Guide: Analyzing Standard Curve and
  • Dilution Data
  • Guide: Phenolics Plate Template
  • Image: Phenolic Plate Labeled Standards
  • Spreadsheet: Analyzing Standard Curve and Dilution Data
  • Spreadsheet: Analyzing Standard Curve and Dilution Data (Instructor’s Key)


  • Lab: Using a Standard Curve to Quantify Unknowns
  • Lab Supply List


  • Lab: Radial Diffusion Tannin Assay Protocol
  • Protocol: Tannin Assay Agar Recipe (Radial Diffusion Assay)
  • Spreadsheet: Tannins Data Analysis (Example)


  • Coumarins and possibly tannins may be available via kit to make agar petri dishes
  • Graduate students are available to assist in teaching this lab remotely. Depending on travel and availability, they may be able to teach in person


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