Bear Foraging Behavior

The aim of this module is to catalog and observe behavioral foraging patterns in bears using a key-logging program (BORIS). This project and ethogram are based on a 2009 article found in The Journal of Mammalogy.

This module has been used in BSU's Mammalogy (ZOOL 421) course.


  • Video: BORIS walkthrough
  • Image: Bear6_example_durgraph.png
  • Image: Bear6_example_occplot.png
  • Image: Bear6_example_plot.png
  • Spreadsheet: Bear6_example_results
  • BORIS project file: Bears Salmon Forage.boris
  • Lab 1: BORIS Mammalogy Lab
  • Lab 2: BORIS Carnivore Forage module
  • Presentation: ForageLabIntro


  • Video currently requires a Boise State login. If you use this module, arrangements will be made for you to access them.
  • Please contact the project PI or the GEM3 PUI Liaison for assistance in deploying this module in your course.


Boise State University

Principal Investigator(s)
Amy Ulappa

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