GEM3 Grad Student Recognized at Idaho Wildlife Society Conference

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Eden Ravecca, a GEM3 graduate student in the MS Raptor Biology program at Boise State University, was recently awarded a $2,000 grant through the Idaho Chapter of The Wildlife Society (ICTWS). The purpose of the ICTWS grant is to promote and financially assist projects that further the purpose of scientifically sound wildlife and habitat management in Idaho.

Ravecca is a member of the Quantitative Conservation Lab under the mentorship of Dr. Jen Cruz, Assistant Professor in Population Ecology and new hire under the Idaho NSF EPSCoR GEM3 Program. Ravecca received the award during the 2021 virtual ICTWS conference on February 22-26, 2021, which brought together over 200 students, faculty, and stakeholders from around the state. During ICTWS, she presented her research poster titled, "Are Predators able to Adapt to Landscape Changes in the Sagebrush Steppe?" and also received recognition of "Wildlife & People's Choice" for her wildlife photography with "Raptorial Beauty-Barred Owl."

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Eden Ravecca, graduate student in the MS Raptor Biology at BSU