Milkweed Leaf Character Evaluation Using ImageJ

This lab orients and trains about how to use some functions of a common and powerful tool for evaluating phenotypic traits in plants, while contributing to original undergraduate research. This module fits into a larger course-based undergraduate research (CURE) about plant ecophysiology and restoring degraded habitats (focuses on concepts evaluated by the sagebrush components of mapping and modeling).


  • Video: ImageJ tutorial
  • Video: Measuring Milkweed Characteristics
  • Lab: Leaf characteristic analyses in ImageJ
  • Guide: Examples of Image Analyses Using ImageJ


  • The data set is hyperlinked in the activity is a live, editable data set that is still being compiled for analysis - please do not share with anyone who may modify it as we are still in the final processes of data collection (part of a summer SARE internship).


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