Image Publication Title Journal Year published GEM3 author(s)
systematic review A systematic review of participatory scenario planning to envision mountain social-ecological systems futures Ecology and Society 2020 Kelly Hopping
Sustainability, resilience, adaptation, and transformation: tensions and plural approaches Ecology and Society 2020 Morey Burnham
multiple lines Multiple lines of evidence reveal complex rainbow trout responses to stream habitat enhancements Freshwater Biology 2020 Colden Baxter
Predicted below-ground zone of influence of Artemisia tridentata Intraspecific variation in surface water uptake in a perennial desert shrub Functional Ecology 2020 Andrii Zaiats, Matthew Germino, Bryce Richardson, Sven Buerki, Trevor Caughlin
A map of the Lakes Region with field sites circled in red. Moving Beyond Co-Management: Opportunities and Limitations for Enabling Transitions to Polycentric Governance in Chile's Territorial User Rights in Fisheries Policy International Journal of the Commons 2020 Sarah Ebel
Winter foraging ecology of Greater Sage-Grouse in a post-fire landscape Journal of Arid Environments 2020 Jennifer Forbey
simulated fire Simulated Indigenous fire stewardship increases the population growth rate of an understorey herb Journal of Ecology 2020 Georgia Hart Fredeluces
sympatric Sympatric pairings of dryland grass populations, mycorrhizal fungi and associated soil biota enhance mutualism and ameliorate drought stress Journal of Ecology 2020 Matt Williamson
Unmanned aerial system orthomosaics Mapping foodscapes and sagebrush morphotypes with unmanned aerial systems for multiple herbivores Landscape Ecology 2020 Peter Olsoy, Jennifer Forbey, Janet Rachlow Witham, Brecken Robb
whole genome Whole genome resequencing reveals genomic regions associated with thermal adaptation in redband trout Molecular Ecology 2020 Zhongqi Chen, Shawn Narum
Genomics of natural history collections for understanding evolution in the wild Molecular Ecology Resources 2020 Kathryn Turner
plants Development of an In Vitro Method of Propagation for Artemisia tridentata subsp. tridentata to Support Genome Sequencing and Genotype-by-Environment Research Plants 2020 Rachael Barron, Peggy Martinez, Sven Buerki
Effects of genomic and functional diversity on stand-level productivity and performance of non-native Arabidopsis Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 2020 Kathryn Turner
Disappearing fungus promo image Why is the world’s most expensive fungus disappearing? Environmental Science Journal for Teens 2019 Kelly Hopping
Inter- and intra-specific population genomic analyses of sage-grouse based on whole-genome resequencing. Conservation Genomics in the Sagebrush Sea: Population Divergence, Demographic History, and Local Adaptation in Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus spp.) Genome Biology and Evolution 2019 Jennifer Forbey
Fig 1 Integrating anthropogenic factors into regional‐scale species distribution models—A novel application in the imperiled sagebrush biome Global Change Biology 2019 Juan Requena Mullor, Trevor Caughlin