Latest Idaho EPSCoR Newsletter Highlighting GEM3 Research

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The January 2022 Idaho EPSCoR Newsletter features numerous articles highlighting GEM3 research on redband trout. Included are features on:

  • U of I postdoctoral researcher William Wang's work integrating geospatial techniques with stream temperature modeling to understand redband trout,
  • U of I masters student Carlie Sharpes research to understand the combined effects of hypoxic and thermal stress on redband trout,
  • ISU graduate Anna Ringelman's work with bioenergetic foraging models,
  • ISU masters student Ben Kline's research on epigenetic variation of redband trout, and
  • ISU doctoral candidate Tyler Breech work to describe the major axes of phenotypic and genetic diversity in Oncorhynchus mykiss, including many of the native trout species from western North America.

The newsletter features additional articles on "Modeling Landscape Change in Owyhee County", "Exploring the Sagebrush Microbiome", and facilitating Indigenous student education in STEM fields.

Carlie Sharpes, Master of Science student at U of I (Photo Credit: UI Photographic Services)