Idaho GEM3 project focusing on trout and sagebrush aims to produce new scientists

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The $20 million GEM3 grant engaging researchers from public universities throughout Idaho is expansive in its scope of studying two iconic Idaho species, sagebrush and redband trout, and along the way it hopes to encourage students to choose a career path in science.

The full title of this National Science Foundation EPSCoR-funded project is “Genes to Environment: Modeling, Mechanisms, and Mapping.” The five-year project, now in its second year, seeks to learn as much as possible about the genetic and environmental characteristics of sagebrush and trout from desert and montane habitats to see how they adapt to external forces in a changing environment. This information can be used to help inform future land management decisions.

Ruth Andrews, in VIP class offered in ISU Associate Professor Keith Reinhardt's Lab of Plant Physiological Ecology.