A Beginner's Guide to R and RStudio

In this lab, students will be introduced to R and RStudio, and create a map in RStudio using the leaflet package. This introductory module is meant for students who are familiar with basic computer system use but have little to no experience with R. It covers the following:

  • What packages, libraries, and documentation are in the context of RStudio
  • Carrying out basic calculations with R
  • Importing csv data into R from a URL
  • Using the leaflet package to generate a map in RStudio

This module was developed and tested in University of Idaho's Special Topics course (ENVS 404/504).


  • Lab: A Beginner's Guide to R and RStudio (pdf)


  • Other data may be substituted in for the provided data.
  • This lab requires an internet connection.
  • Materials may also be found in Anna Chase's digital portfolio.


University of Idaho

Principal Investigator(s)
Anna Chase (creator)

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