GEM3 Small Seed Funding Available Now - Apply by Feb 18th

Post date: Jan 10, 2022


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This Seed Funding program is part of Idaho’s multi-year (2018-2023) statewide NSF Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) Track-1 Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) award, “Genes by Environment: Modeling, Mechanisms, and Mapping (GEM3).” The project is highly aligned with Idaho’s Higher Education Research Strategic Plan. 

GEM3 includes a statewide collaborative academic research program committed to Idaho EPSCoR's "ONEIdaho" philosophy. Faculty and students at Idaho’s universities and colleges work collaboratively across institutions on basic research; integration of science disciplines; integration of research, education, and workforce development; and fostering integration of science and stakeholders.

GEM3 Seed Funding allows project leadership and the Idaho research community to respond quickly and effectively to new opportunities as well as pursue high impact, potentially transformative research. Its principal objective is to catalyze new research on focal species, species interactions, ecosystems, genomics/phenomics, and other emerging areas related to the scope of the GEM3 award. It is aimed at groups or individuals that emphasize the collaborative development and testing of important ideas and theories, cutting-edge analysis of recent or existing data and information, and/or investigation of social ecological systems issues.

See solicitation for more details. 

GEM3 Seminar series to return in February

Post date: Jan 26, 2022


Link to past seminars

GEM3 Seminars return in February

The GEM3 Seminar series is intended as an opportunity to learn about GEM3 research and share ideas pertaining to the objectives of GEM3 research. The overall purpose/goal of the online seminars is to encourage awareness, discussion and understanding of GEM3 related research, education and expertise across the state of Idaho and to build connections within the project. The intent is that the seminars will contribute to the success of GEM3 by allowing a regular space/time for GEM3 research updates and to provide opportunities for connections to be made across disciplines.  

The Spring Seminar Schedule will be held on the following dates at 2pm (PST) / 3pm (MT):
February 7th  -  Speaker TBD
February 28th  -  Speaker: Justin Welty (USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center)
March 28th  -  Speaker: Megan Ruffley (Carnegie Institution for Science)
April 25th  -  Speaker: Linda van Diepen (University of Wyoming)
May 2nd  -  Speaker TBD

Please contact GEM3 Postdoc and our Spring Seminar coordinator, Erica Holdridge ( with questions.


Reminder: How & When to Cite EPSCoR

Post date: Mar 02, 2021


Friendly Reminder

CITING EPSCoR: If your work benefited from the use of EPSCoR equipment or an EPSCoR sponsored student worked in your lab or you received money from EPSCoR that contributed to your research or career, cite EPSCoR on all publications, presentations, press releases, requests for proposals, bid invitations, or any other documents or applications that describe projects or programs that were supported by EPSCoR. Example: "This publication was made possible by the NSF Idaho EPSCoR Program and by the National Science Foundation under award number OIA-1757324."