Geospatial Resources

AdaptWest Climate Adaptation Data Portal biophysical climate
Aquatic eDNAtlas Project biophysical aquatic
Audubon Society: Survival by Degrees biophysical climate biophysical global
CDC Human Health social human_health
Climate Futures Toolbox biophysical climate
Climate Smart Restoration Tool biophysical climate
ClimateWNA biophysical climate
Databases of Stream Reach Descriptors biophysical watershed
EPA Ecoregions biophysical ecological
Google Earth Engine biophysical global
Human Modification for North America biophysical global
Idaho State Historical Society state idaho
INSIDE Idaho state idaho
Land Treatment Exploration Tool biophysical land treatment
MODIS Global Evapotransporation biophysical global
Montana Geographic Information Clearinghouse state montana
NASA Earth Data biophysical global
NASA Global Human Footprint biophysical global
NASA Global Maps biophysical global
National Historical GIS social census
NorWest Stream Temperatures biophysical climate
NRCS Critical Conservation Areas biophysical ecological
NRCS Data Portal biophysical national
NRCS Data Portal social economic
NRCS Land Resource Regions biophysical land cover
NRCS Soil Data (SSURGO) biophysical soils
NSF NEON Database biophysical ecological
Oregon Geospatial Data Clearinghouse state oregon
POLARIS-Probabilistic Remapping of SSURGO biophysical soils
PRISM Climate Group biophysical climate
State of Idaho GIS Hub state idaho
StreamNet biophysical aquatic
US Census Bureau-Data Portal social census
US Census Bureau-TIGER Line/Shapefiles social census
USDA Economic Research Service social economic
USDA Rapid Carbon Assessment (RaCA) biophysical soils
USGS Land Cover biophysical land cover
USGS Land Treatment Data biophysical land treatment
USGS National Map biophysical national
USGS Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) / Hydrologic Unit (HUC 2-12) biophysical watershed
Utah Geospatial Open Data state utah
Washington Geospatial Open Data state washington
WorldClim/BioClim biophysical climate