APPLY FOR FUNDING! Idaho EPSCoR Seed Funding Now Available

Post date: Dec 20, 2019


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This Seed Funding program is part of Idaho’s multi-year (2018-2023) statewide NSF Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) Track-1 Research Infrastructure Improvement (RII) award, “Genes by Environment: Modeling, Mechanisms, and Mapping (GEM3).” The project is highly aligned with Idaho’s Higher Education Research Strategic Plan.

GEM3 includes a statewide collaborative academic research program committed to Idaho EPSCoR's "ONEIdaho" philosophy. Faculty and students at Idaho’s universities and colleges work collaboratively across institutions on basic research; integration of science disciplines; integration of research, education, and workforce development; and fostering integration of science and stakeholders.

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Proposal submission deadline is 2/14/20 at 5pm PST. 

APPLY NOW! GEM3 Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) Funding Available

Post date: Nov 27, 2019


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Idaho NSF EPSCoR GEM3 funding is available to facilitate the development of VIP (Vertically Integrated Project) courses related to the GEM3 research areas. VIP is a program to increase student access to hands-on learning with faculty mentors and diverse teams. The VIP approach is at the center of the Idaho NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Track-1 GEM3 Education, Workforce Development, and Diversity plans.

Submission deadline is February 14, 2020, 5pm PST. 

See the attached solicitation for further information.