Researchers conducting survey on management of Idaho public lands, sagebrush landscapes, and rangelands


With support from the GEM3 project, Boise State University, Idaho State University, and the Idaho Rangeland Resources Commission have partnered to conduct a statewide study of Idaho residents to measure opinions on public lands, sagebrush landscapes, and rangelands and how they should be managed in the state. The results from this survey will be used to inform education and management of public lands in Idaho. Your opinions are valuable on this topic, regardless of your level of experience with these landscapes.

Responsive Management has been contracted to conduct the statewide study of Idaho residents. If you are contacted about this study, either via phone or online, please consider participating in the study to assist us in better understanding opinions on and attitudes toward public lands. You may receive a phone call at home or on your cell phone for this study, and it will be from a Boise area phone number.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact Haley Netherton-Morrison, Human-Environment Systems graduate student, at or Dr. Kelly Hopping, Assistant Professor, Human-Environment Systems, at