Undergraduate Diversity

The GEM3 Diversity Plan aims to increase participation from underserved populations (primarily Hispanics and Native Americans), low-income, rural and/or first generation students, and women, through diversity programs and outreach to regional Tribes, Hispanic communities, and rural communities. Increased public scientific literacy will be achieved through the engagement of citizen scientists and communities. Agency, industry, and tribal stakeholders will participate in scientific data exchanges, inform GEM3 research questions, and provide internship opportunities.

GEM3 supports Summer Authentic Research Experiences to promote diverse participation and success in GEM3-related STEM fields. The WFD program – through VIP – provides a unique framework to amplify the impact of research experiences on diverse undergraduate students. Substantial enrichments include: (a) use of student Ambassadors to recruit peers from diverse groups to participate in VIP; (b) a strong social support network; and (c) a sustained effort that guides students from freshman to graduation.

GEM3 Summer Research Experience:
This program specifically targets URM students, providing them with an intensive laboratory and field experience, while creating an important bridge between academic years. This experience is open to diverse students from the PUIs who transfer to Idaho research institutions.

Faculty Diversity (START Program)

A more inclusive and diverse faculty will be promoted on GEM3 campuses by taking a career-cycle approach that improves recruitment, retention, and advancement of URM and female faculty. There are multiple elements to achieving a diverse faculty beginning with recruitment, and extending to retention and advancement. The Idaho System to Attract and Retain Talent (START) proposes to adopt the effective practices of the NSF ADVANCE model to attract and retain diverse faculty.

Idaho START promotes best practices in faculty recruitment and retention of faculty from underrepresented populations. The START team, comprised of funded coordinators at each institution will map existing practices to gain a clear understanding of current recruitment, retention, and advancement activities. START will then select key departments to pilot best practices and work with the department leadership and faculty to align diversity practices with START protocols.

Statewide Diversity (Idaho Diversity Network)

Diversity statewide will also be promoted by expanding the Idaho Diversity Network (IDN). The IDN is a statewide organization managed and funded by Idaho EPSCoR with leadership provided by STEM and diversity representatives from Idaho's institutions and other sectors across the state. For more information on Idaho Diversity Network visit idahodiversity.org.