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Research Questions

Question GEM3 Component Keywords
Why do forage species occur in patterns across the landscape and can spatially explicit models be validated to describe the abiotic factors that drive these patterns? Modeling
Seasonal and thermal regulation of hormone signaling, growth, and reproductive success in free-living redband trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss gardneri Mechanisms Ecology, Physiology, Inclusion and Diversity, Inclusive Mentoring, Behavior, Redband Trout
What is the impact of flow decrease and flow cessation on stream ecosystems? Mapping, Mechanisms, Modeling, Partnerships
Does epigenetic variation contribute to phenotypic plasticity of redband trout from diverse habitats? Mechanisms Evolution, Genomics, Geography, Redband Trout
How does evolutionary history inform the distribution of adaptive diversity? Mechanisms Evolution, Genomics, Geography, Evolutionary Computation, Landscapes, Population Genetics, Redband Trout
Capacity and mechanisms of redband trout phenotypic plasticity Mechanisms
What are the phylogeographic and landscape genetic patterns for sagebrush in Idaho and across the range? Mechanisms
How have redband trout genomics changed over time in our legacy sample populations? Mechanisms Genomics, Genotyping by Sequencing, Population Genetics, Redband Trout
Do redband trout have different genomic adaptations to different climates? Mechanisms Bioinformatics, Ecology, Evolution, Genomics, Redband Trout
Simulating the impacts of riparian vegetation on streamflow temperature dynamics Modeling Geography, Decision Making, GIS & Remote Sensing, Landscapes, Redband Trout
How does individual variation impact population and landscape patterns with environmental change? Mapping, Mechanisms, Modeling Ecology, Evolution, Genomics