GEM3 Dataset: Submission #23

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Submission Number: 23
Created: Wed, 11/27/2019 - 12:57

Agent-based models for redband trout

Files for running early-stage agent-based models (ABM) to look at spatially-explicit patterns and mechanisms of adaptive capacity. Initial models have been focused on the streams in the Jack's Creek system. These models are run using python and CDmetaPOP. Models were run for 100 years under a variety of scenarios which incorporate numerous factors, such as individual dependent size and mortality. These models are easy to manipulate, and I am happy to work with individuals who wish to use these methods.

Attached files include in the inputs and example outputs from the 1-locus selection model. For python source codes, see Erin Landguth's GitHub. Note: expansions to CDmetaPOP are planner, and will be available through this website in the future.

Currently, models that have been run include demographic-only, climate change, and climate change with adaptation using a single locus model.
Animals, Trout, Change, Distribution, Future, Population
Travis Seaborn
Jack's Creek System